Monday, July 18, 2011

When Poetry was Born; The History Begin

Want to know how rich our history in terms of literary art. Poetry has a great foundation in terms of it. It has something to do with our history. Although there are lots of changes in our modern poetry, famous poetries are still alive.
The art of rhythmical composition is the so called “poetry”. A Written or spoken poetry usually gives beautiful and imaginative thoughts to the reader. Making or creating poem or even performing the art of poetry is a form of literary art. In ancient world, many of the poems that are still recorded tell about the stories and histories about their society and cultural information. Their topics are usually evolves in their political history, religious life and about the peoples of the past. Don’t you know that the oldest poem in our history is the Epic of Gilgamesh? It was written in cuneiform on a clay tablet in 4th millennium BC. Even the oldest love poem entitled Istanbul#2461is a Sumerian poem and still written on a clay tablet. And that poem was recited by a bride of Sumerian king Shu-Sin.
Nowadays, we can’t deny the fact that poetry books have lots of varieties like having poetry online and even poetry blogs. It is because in the modern era most of the poets use modern technology to publish their poems. Poetry website is one of the ways promoting poetry in society. All of us have different ways of expressing ourselves in terms of writing a poem. Some of us write with our theme about romantic poetry and some might be about poetry about life. Whatever it is as long as the passion of writing is in our heart go on no one can stop you from creating your world in poetry.
Modernization occurs in all aspect of society. It might cause a lot of changes but the most important thing is that we know where the history begun. Development of poetry still takes a lot of change as time passes by. But we should understand that a single line started with a dot. So when poetry was born its own history begins.


  1. You wrote well. You are right that poetry is the foundation of literature and perhaps human civilization. Sadly, these days, we do not care much for poetry.

  2. well thanks razib ahmed for that wonderful comment it show that you're one of those people who care about our
    literature especially about poetry.