Thursday, August 11, 2011

My Prince

I'm afraid to see the world,
To fall in live and just hurt,
But i cant live if no one beside me,
I have no choice find someone for me.

I sit alone when i got tired,
I feel lonely so i just cried,
but you came and laid you're hands,
Dry my tears and help me to stand.

I smile at you coz you're an angel,
You made me laugh even im a stranger,
Finally i found my destiny
My Prince in your personality......

This the poem i wrote when i was in high school dedicated to my crush.

Monday, July 18, 2011

When Poetry was Born; The History Begin

Want to know how rich our history in terms of literary art. Poetry has a great foundation in terms of it. It has something to do with our history. Although there are lots of changes in our modern poetry, famous poetries are still alive.
The art of rhythmical composition is the so called “poetry”. A Written or spoken poetry usually gives beautiful and imaginative thoughts to the reader. Making or creating poem or even performing the art of poetry is a form of literary art. In ancient world, many of the poems that are still recorded tell about the stories and histories about their society and cultural information. Their topics are usually evolves in their political history, religious life and about the peoples of the past. Don’t you know that the oldest poem in our history is the Epic of Gilgamesh? It was written in cuneiform on a clay tablet in 4th millennium BC. Even the oldest love poem entitled Istanbul#2461is a Sumerian poem and still written on a clay tablet. And that poem was recited by a bride of Sumerian king Shu-Sin.
Nowadays, we can’t deny the fact that poetry books have lots of varieties like having poetry online and even poetry blogs. It is because in the modern era most of the poets use modern technology to publish their poems. Poetry website is one of the ways promoting poetry in society. All of us have different ways of expressing ourselves in terms of writing a poem. Some of us write with our theme about romantic poetry and some might be about poetry about life. Whatever it is as long as the passion of writing is in our heart go on no one can stop you from creating your world in poetry.
Modernization occurs in all aspect of society. It might cause a lot of changes but the most important thing is that we know where the history begun. Development of poetry still takes a lot of change as time passes by. But we should understand that a single line started with a dot. So when poetry was born its own history begins.

Friday, July 15, 2011

The sweetest poem I’ve ever heard

Feel free to express yourself. As a human all of us feel different kinds of emotion: love, hatred or even pain. Sometimes writing is our way of expressing it in a form of poem, novel or a journal. I myself express my thoughts through writing a poem.
Love poem is one of those ways of expressing our feelings. Sometimes it’s easier to write on notes than telling the person personally that you love him or her. But it’s sweeter if you have the courage to give that poem to the one you love. Don’t you notice that writing a poem to a particular person making him/her feel that she/he is special? You yourself can inspire others. You don’t need to become a poet for you to be a writer. Making a simple love poem can touch someone’s life. You can inspire others through your work and I think it’s a great thing. Even a mother’s love poem expresses true and great love for her kids. Each one of us can be a great writer as long as we’re true in our emotion.
For me the sweetest poem I’ve ever heard is the one that has the heart and influence someone’s life. When I used to read a beautiful poem it can make me smile. For me, a life without pen and note is not complete. Because in writing a poem I’m free to express my hidden emotion. It’s an undying music that as long as I’m alive I never get tired of writing my own poem.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Why I choose to pursue a career in computer science

In the modern era knowing how to operate a computer is a must. That’s why each individual are striving to learn just to adopt in our modern technology.
I’m one of those eager to learn much about using computer. Making it possible I choose a career related to it. And it’s Computer Science major in Programming. Computer nowadays has a lot of uses. When I’m making my resume I always put there that I’m a computer literate. The reason is that most of the employers are accepting applicants who know how to operate computers. Aside from it one of the reasons why I pursue my career is that it’s very enjoyable. Many little things surprised me on how to run a program, how to make my own website and even how to make beautiful presentations. I learned here how’s the art of designing influenced by modern technology. It’s really amazing how it influenced my life. Those learning that I have acquired helps a lot. Maybe if I will be given a chance to choose a particular career I will still choose being a programmer. In this world of modernization I know that I can excel to the field I have chosen. All I need to do is to help myself to learn new things about my chosen career.
As we all know all things in this world changes including technology. Be one of those people who know how to create family in web. Having friends, sharing my knowledge using the web and learning from it is a great experience.

The Best Way that I can be…..

As I wake up every morning I somehow forgot to thank God for a new life. For each blessing that He gave me. And for my life that He gave me. I may not be aware that time is running fast and I’m growing old. I somehow ask myself what kind of person Iam. When I die what side of me will be remembered most. Life is too short for us to waste. Me, I want to spend my time with beautiful things around us……
I grow up with a complete set of parents and grandparents. My family is one of the greatest treasures I’ve ever had. I may not be wealthy but having them made me feel that I’m the wealthiest woman in the world. I’m not a college graduate. Maybe some people would ask why? Why I didn’t finish my study. At first I was in Bicol University Polangui Campus where I took up Bachelor of Secondary Education. Then next I transfered to Infotech Development System Colleges and took up Computer Science. But still I didn’t finish my study. I do value education. It’s a treasure that no one can steal.  You can’t blame me I’m one of those not fortunate enough to finish schoolbecause of financial problem. It’s sad that I dreamed to finish college but I did not. At my age I have to think how I can help my parents for raising my brother and sisters. I want to be a responsible daughter and a responsible sister too. I want them to reach their dream and I want them to finish their studies. I wasn’t able to go back to school but seeing them studying hard in return to your hardships.. I feel that I’m too lucky that I can be an instrument why they become successful someday. In my own simple way I will strive to make my life better.
As of now I take all the opportunity in learning new things.  I used to join free trainings. The SPFI free training held at Commonwealth Quezon City.  It’s a finishing course for call center. Then I also join the Youth Encounter Facilitator Seminar Workshop held in Ligao City for me to become a good facilitator of youth encounter or retreats.  And now I’m busy finding a suitable job for me. I don’t want my time to be wasted that’s why I value each and every single time that I have.  As long as I have the chance to improve myself I will always grab all the opportunity for me to learn. I remember when my science teacher told me that classroom is not the only place where you can learn. Sometimes experiences in life are a better teacher. That’s why I love experiencing new things for me to change as a better person. I may not be perfect but I love being me, a simple person who knows how to value my family, my life and the precious time that God gave.
For all the memories that passed I will keep it on my memory. And for all the coming memories as well as those work opportunities. I’m not waiting for you, wait for me and I’ll be there. Opportunity may come once in a while but if it’s meant for me,I’ll be very happy. If  I will have my first professional job I will make sure I will do the best that I can be.